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Epoxy flooring is an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and industrial settings, combining both functionality and style.
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Understanding Our Service: Superior Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is something you might not have considered before. But, isn't it exciting when we can find new ways to solve old problems? We think so. Getting to know the ins and outs of this fantastic option might be the missing piece in your renovation puzzle.

You think, why epoxy flooring? It promises durability, versatility, and aesthetics while being easy on your pocket. Although it sprouted as an industrial solution, its use has now permeated residential and commercial spaces due to its advantages.
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We bet your curiosity is piqued now. So, let's dive into the past because understanding where something started can help us appreciate where it is today. Epoxy resins were first discovered in the 1930s by Dr. Pierre Castan of Switzerland and Dr. S. O. Greenlee of the United States. They initially found usage in dental fixtures and quickly spread to other industries due to their strength and durability.

Over the years, the application of epoxy as floor coatings gained traction, particularly in industries like food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing where hygienic and hard-wearing flooring is essential. Now, epoxy flooring is popular in homes and businesses, proving its versatility.

Remember, things evolve for a reason. The evolution of epoxy flooring attests to its efficacy and utility and why it might be the perfect solution for your flooring needs today.

The Power of Epoxy: Why It Matters

Okay, now we've got the history bite out of the way let’s chat about why epoxy is crucial in today's context. Imagine you are throwing a social gathering at your home, or you are running a restaurant or, an industrial warehouse. Can we agree that the flooring has to handle a fair share of wear and tear?

Moreover, the choice of flooring can dramatically affect the aesthetics of your space. It's not just about utility but also about style. Epoxy flooring offers a seamless and high-gloss surface that can significantly uplift the visual appeal while promising low maintenance requirements.

If you are an advocate for sustainable practices, epoxy flooring seals a concrete floor, increasing its lifespan and reducing the need for replacement. It's your perfect partner to sail the dual boat of style and sustainability.

Practical Applications: From Homes to Factories

We've brushed up on the history, recognized its worth; now, let's break down the various scenarios where you can utilize epoxy flooring. You'd be surprised at its versatility.

Firstly, for homeowners looking to upgrade your garages or basements, residential epoxy flooring shines brightly. From resisting oil stains and water to giving a finished look, this beats your standard concrete floor.

For commercial spaces such as retail stores, showrooms, or restaurants, choosing epoxy flooring can contribute significantly to your brand image, offering a clean, bright, and attractive space.

Concerning industries, epoxy flooring hits the right notes. Warehouses and factories require easy-to-clean, durable surfaces that can withstand heavy machinery and traffic while ensuring safety. That's exactly what you get with epoxy flooring.

How Superior Floor Coatings Can Help

Now, we're going to talk about ourselves a bit. We promise we're not bragging; we just want to help you. Superior Floor Coatings combines quality materials, experienced craftsmanship, and unparalleled service in delivering this revolutionary flooring option.

Our dedicated team ensures that they understand your unique needs and work diligently to fulfill them. From preparation, application to finishing, we follow a holistic approach in every project that guarantees a seamless and lasting finish.

Remember, choosing epoxy flooring isn’t the finish line; it's choosing the right provider to get the maximum benefits. With our in-depth knowledge and vast experience coupled with your design aspirations, we can create a floor that dazzles one and all.

Final Words

Whew! That was quite a journey, wasn't it? Now, armed with this thorough knowledge about epoxy flooring and our trusted service, the floor is indeed your canvas. We’d be thrilled to weave your aesthetic dreams with our craftsmanship. Give us a call or drop an email today and let's give your space the superior transformation it rightfully deserves.
What is Epoxy Flooring and where can I use it?
Epoxy flooring is a high-performance, resilient resin coating applied to existing concrete floors. Notable for its durability, it's often used in settings that require a hard-wearing surface such as garages, warehouses, and workshops. But it's not just for functional use - epoxy flooring is also used in decorative applications due to its glossy finish and options for customization, making it suitable for homes, retail stores and more.
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Stats & Charts
Increase In Commercial Use: The industry reports indicate a rising trend in the use of epoxy flooring in commercial sectors. Over recent years, commercial applications of epoxy floor coatings have seen a surge of roughly 5% annually, with expectations to continue this steady growth.

Residential Popularity: In residential scenarios, especially garages, basements, and high-traffic indoor environments, epoxy flooring's popularity has significantly grown. The homeowner use of epoxy flooring has more than doubled in the last decade, reflecting an increased appreciation for this kind of durable and appealing flooring solution.

Mainstay in Industrial Environments: Industrial and manufacturing facilities account for about 80% of the epoxy flooring application. These sectors demand the durability, resistance, and safety features embodied by epoxy flooring, contributing to its high usage rate in these environments.

High Traffic Areas: Areas with high foot traffic such as retail stores, hospitals, and educational institutions have seen a rise in the use of epoxy flooring. Roughly 60% of all epoxy flooring installations are in premises requiring resilient and easy to maintain floors due to high foot traffic.

Garage and Workshop Application: Among DIY and professional installations, statistics suggest that nearly 70% of epoxy floor coating applications occur in garages and workshops. The protective and aesthetic features of epoxy make it a top choice for these home and professional environments.
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Building The Future, Restoring The Past
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Building The Future, Restoring The Past
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Building The Future, Restoring The Past
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