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Coatings applied by Superior Floor Coatings can be easily and economically maintained and re-coated. Our applicators use the most professional equipment and procedures to assure speed and simplicity of application. Our advanced equipment is custom manufactured for high production, top quality preparation methods for any and all types of floor conditions. Superior Floor Coatings provides concrete sealing, hardening, densification, and water proofing services for the Vero Beach area. Contact Us anytime at: 772-207-9668 or send us our Contact Form for more info.

Despite its durability, concrete is a porous material, which means it can absorb water, chlorides, stains, and other water and oil base materials that it comes in contact with. By treating the concrete with a sealer, you can inhibit the penetration of these intruders while allowing the surface to breathe, so moisture within the concrete doesn’t become trapped. Concrete is typically sealed with either a penetrating densifying sealer or a film forming sealer.

Penetrating water-base sodium silicate solutions harden and densify concrete by chemically reacting with the calcium salts present in concrete. It can be applied in one coat or multiple coats depending on the concrete porosity and can be used on either new or existing concrete floor. Sealers actually penetrate into the concrete surface to a depth of about 1 to 4 mills to increase water repellency and resist stains on absorbent concrete.

They provide invisible protection without changing the surface appearance, and can increase the surface strength of your concrete floor. Film forming solvent and water based acrylic sealers inhibit penetration of water and contaminants such as oil, grease, and stain by forming a barrier on the concrete surface. When used on newly placed concrete, sealers can help protect against spalling, dusting, efflorescence, freeze-thaw damage, and alkali degradation. Many also impart a gloss or sheen, so they often are used to enhanced colored, stamped, or exposed aggregate concrete.


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